6 Activities for Adventure Seekers In Klang Valley

  1. Kart Racing:


Get the adrenaline pumps through your veins, try kart racing. You can come for a fun race or event an F1 formula race against your friends.

There are kart tracks at the Sepang F1 circuit, the former full race KartX circuit at Shah Alam, the Elite Circuit on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

 2. Paintball:


Known as a common team building activities, paintballing can be taken up to a new level of adventure by playing in real jungle setup. Gather your friends and get ready for some real shooting, running and get some awesome bruises.

There are many places offer paintball: Canyon Paintball, Xtion, Mudtrekker, etc.

3. Bungee Jumping:


Some Subangites might be rolling their eyes and proclaiming “duh” right now, but for those who might not be in the know: you can actually try out Bungee Jumping right here in Klang Valley with a ticket to Sunway Lagoon

Before aiming for the top bungee jumping guns in New Zealand or Singapore, put on your training wheels and leap off a tall surface in Sunway Lagoon for RM130.

4. Archery Tag


Taking laser tag or paintball to another level, Arena 51 has upgraded that usual fare with paint-tipped bow and arrows, ready for players to channel their inner Legolases or Katnisses (depending on how your bow tingles).

This game also requires a minimum of 10 players to be split into groups, and can be played either with kids or adults.

Their unique games include:

  • The Knockout
    • The combat strategy way of playing with your bow.
  • Death
    • The more classic of archery battles, where two teams duke it out over a plot of unclaimed land.
  • Zombie
    • A Plants vs. Zombies-style game where archers have to shoot down an onslaught of zombies.


5. Challenge your Inner Sherlock Holmes


If you’re both an adventurer and a puzzle lover, then you will love challenging the rooms in Lockdown KL. Lockdown KL is a reality first-person adventure game that was inspired from online room escape games.

Like Escape Room and other similar adventure games, Lockdown KL is divided into different rooms, with different themes.

But what gives them a point of uniqueness is that these rooms are based on more realistic scenarios, like getting kidnapped, or escaping out of prison, so that you can truly immerse yourself into the mindset of your character.


6. Dive Off A Bamboo Platform


If you’re strict about only going anywhere in Klang Valley, then Tadom Hill is great for camping. There are lots to do in the area like bamboo rafting or swimming for those looking for a mellow time.

But there are also a 5m bamboo diving platform and Tarzan swings, for all the inner acrobats. It also makes a sweet photo at the end of the day.

Just do be warned that you perform these stunts at your own risk.

So what adventures do you like to do next, let us know!

Sportify Team.


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