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We Malaysians love futsal and badminton. Whenever we visit a badminton or futsal court, very often we will notice it will be fully occupied with players, from all backgrounds, be it a college student or a young office worker or a senior citizen playing with his grandson. Sports connect us all, that’s also what we strongly believe.

One sunny afternoon in Sportify office, we came up with this idea – why don’t we create a game and open for everyone to join, regardless age, gender and nationality, to celebrate the true spirit of sports. And that was how our first open game came long, Sportify Kick-Off – an open futsal game with 7 competing teams. That was on a hot Sunday evening, but the atmosphere was even more burning inside Score Arena Futsal Centre where the teams played against each other for the cash prize of RM100.

14882173_418038651917797_6154557514964683426_oSportify Kick-Off Futsal Friendly Game, Oct 30


To our surprises, the joining teams are not just Malaysians, but the combination of all nationalities: Malaysian, Nigerian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian. We feel honor and proud to have accommodated such an interesting game and have made friends with futsal lovers in Kuala Lumpur.

And here’s our Sportify Smash-it Badminton Friendly Game at OUG Shuttlebug. You can tell how much fun we’ve had by just looking at the picture!

15235673_444676752587320_6862188163418530945_o-1Sportify Smash-it Badminton Friendly Game, Dec 2nd

We were thrilled to see 15 teams of double showing up at the event. From 16 years old highschool friends to university students to work colleagues, they have played with high team spirit and devotion but after all, it seems that we all united in a religion named Sport.

But more often than not, on a daily basis we are all caught up with work, events and family so sometimes it’s very hard to form a group to play together, haven’t mentioned about last minute cancellations. Understand this pain, we have built Game organizing function on Sportify App, which helps you to efficiently organizing your sports game by:

1. Creating a game and invite your friends to join

Phone Screen - Game Creation

Go to our Games session, tap on the + symbol on your upper right, fill in the information needed (Sport type, Date, Time..) and invite your friend via their phone number. Your friends will confirm their joining on their app and your game will be appear on the Created tab.

Then you don’t have to create a group chat and scroll through the lengthy messages and keep track of who’s in who’s out! (We know it’s tiring)

2. Book a court that can accommodate your game

Looking through our venue list, you’ll find the best court option you might have for your coming game! Call or book through the app, no more hassling around checking availability and rates!

Now that you’ve got your team and court booked, grab your kicks and go play!

Our weekly free game is now ON!

To ensure a rich and fun culture of the team, we organize weekly sport session every Thursday for all Sportify-ers to hang out and play sports as team bonding time. And to celebrate the app launch with the sport community, we now open the game to everyone to join us for free. So watch out for our Free Game every Thursday! Simply launch Sportify App, and confirm your participation to our game. Yes, that simple! Because playing sports should be simple, and fun!

To join the awesome squad, download Sportify on AppleStore:

Don’t worry, Android version coming soon this January! We’ll keep you posted!

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