New App Update – ver 1.2.2

New App Update – ver 1.2.2 By New App Update – ver 1.2.2 New features at Payment Session: – Promotional information: Current Promotion update for your reference. – Card Selection: You can add more cards and select your preferred payment methods.

New App Update - ver 1.2.2

New features at Payment Session: - Promotional information: Current Promotion update for your reference. - Card Selection: You can add more cards and select your preferred payment methods.

7 lesser known facts about Badminton

We’re pretty sure you know how to play badminton or at least have an idea of it. But how many of you know how the name badminton was formed or which was the first place badminton was played?

1. It was named “Poona”

In India, the game existed before 1500 B.C. and was called “Poona”. It was named “Poona” because of its region of origin, which was city “Pune”. It is said that “Poona” means “the game of the city Pune”.


Initially the game was played with the hand, using the palm as a racquet. Later on, the hands were replaced with the legs, something that made this game popular among Indian men but extremely difficult for the Indian women. Thus, it was separated into a men’s and a women’s game.

In 1870, British officers that served in India brought with them back to the country the game Poona. The Duke of Beaufort, the Father of Badminton, was a great supporter of the game, which he played very often. However, this game was quite primitive for the elite of the English society. Thus, he preferred to play the woman’s version of the game of Poona with his friends and his daughters in his villa at the village Badminton of Glouschester.

One day, as he was playing in the garden of his villa, it began to rain. Without hesitation, he emptied his dining room so as to continue the game there. This was also the beginning of the sport known as Badminton.

2. Badminton is the 2nd most popular sport in the world

maxresdefault (1)

It has been claimed that badminton is the second most-popular participation sport in the world, only behind football.

When badminton was first included in the Olympics in 1992, 1.1 billion people watched the badminton competition on television.

3. The strings of badminton racquets are made from the stomach linings of cats

While over the years, most of the players have started using synthetic strings, some players still use guts made from the dried stomach lining of animals like cats or cows. (We’re not here to judge..)

4. A shuttle is made from the left wing of a goose

The average shuttlecock weighs between 4.74 to 5.5 grams, the best of which are made from the feathers of the left wing of a goose.

16 feathers are used in the manufacture of a shuttle. During a top-level match 10 shuttles are used, with each being hit roughly 400 times.

5. The Asian domination of the sport

Since its inclusion in the Olympics in 1992, Asian players have won a staggering 93 out of the 103 Olympic medals.


The most successful badminton countries in the world are China and Indonesia, who have won 70% of all BWF events between them.

The Thomas Cup, the men’s world team championships, has been won by only three countries since it began in 1948 – Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

The only time the Uber Cup, the women’s world team championships, was won outside Asia was by the USA in 1957, 1960 and 1963; the other holders are China, Indonesia, Japan and more recently South Korea.

6. The longest match ever lasted 124 minutes (that was 2 hours!)

The longest match ever recorded, lasted 124 minutes, and was contested between Peter Rasmussen (Denmark) and Sun Jun (China). Rasmussen won that encounter 16-17, 18-13, 15-10.


On the other hand, the shortest badminton match was at the 1996 Uber Cup in Hong Kong, which lasted all of six minutes! Ra Kyung-min (South Korea) crushed Julia Mann (England) 11-2, 11-1 in that match.

7. Badminton is a LOT more intense than tennis

At 1985 All England (Tennis) Championships, Boris Becker defeated Kevin Curren 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4.

At 1985 World Badminton Championships in Calgary, Canada, Han Jian of China defeated Morten Frost of Denmark, 14-18, 15-10, 15-8. The following is a statistical comparison of those matches.

Time: Tennis – 3 hours and 18 minutes; Badminton – 1 hour and 16 minutes

Ball/shuttle in play: Tennis – 18 minutes; Badminton – 37 minutes

Match Intensity*: Tennis – 9 percent; Badminton – 48 percent

Rallies: Tennis – 299; Badminton – 146

Shots: Tennis – 1,004; Badminton – 1,972

Shots Per Rally: Tennis – 3.4; Badminton – 13.5

Distance Covered: Tennis – 2 miles; Badminton – 4 miles

Note that the badminton players competed for half the time, yet ran twice as far and hit nearly twice as many shots!

*The actual time the ball/shuttle was in flight, divided by the length of the match.
So know what you don’t know! Share with us if you know any cool facts about badminton.


10 hottest female badminton players

People say girls who play sports are double hot. If you agree, check out these beauties among female badminton players. Not only shining with their amazing talent, but also their beauty has won our hearts.

  1. Ashwini Ponnappa

Ranks 14th in the world, Ashwini has made the Indians proud with her achievements. 27 years old and has won Gold medal in Commonwealth games and South Asian Games with Jwala Gutta (Mix Double).

  1. Goh Liu Ying

Ying is a Malaysian Acer.  She is 27 years old and is 5ft 5in tall.  She won gold medals in Asian championship and South Asian Championships in Mixed Doubles.  She currently ranks 3rd in the world. She is such a Malaysian proud!

  1. Christinna Pedersen

Christinna is an elite player from Denmark. She is 30 years old and is the second tallest in our list 5 ft 8in. She hasn’t much success in the world championship but she plays with her partner in the BWF super series circuit.  She won the silver medal in Rio Olympics with Kamilla Rytter. She currently ranks 5th in the world.  

  1. Ratchanok Intanon

Ratchanok is also known as May. May is a badminton player from Thailand. She is only 21 years old.  She is 5ft 7in tall. This Thailand beauty ranks 2nd in the world and she has won gold medals in  the world championship,  Asian Championship, and Southeast Asian Games. Such an accomplishment for her young age.

  1. Saina Nehwal

Saina is an Indian shuttler. She is 26 years old and 5ft 5in tall. She currently ranks 11th in the world. She has 22 titles in her pocket. She was the first Indian to won a Bronze medal in Commonwealth games.

  1. Sayaka Takahashi

Sayaka is a Japanese Badminton player. She is 24 years old and 5ft 6in tall.  She currently ranks 16th in the world. Her pure beauty has captured our hearts.

  1. P V Sindhu

Sindhu is an Indian Badminton player. She is 21 years old and is the tallest in our list, she is 5ft 10 in tall.  She currently ranks 9th  in the world.  She won the silver medal in Rio Olympics. The young pretty lady has surely mesmerized everyone with her smile and her playing techniques.

  1. Carolina Marin

Carolina is a Spanish Shutler. She is 23 years old and 5ft 7in tall. She is an aggressive player in the game and quite cheerful in life.  She currently ranks first in the world. She won the Gold medal in Rio Olympics.  Her attitude has surely amazed us.

  1. Jwala Gutta

Jwala Gutta is an Indian badminton player. She specializes in doubles.  She is 5ft 10 in tall and is 33 years old .  She has won Gold medal in Commonwealth games and South Asian Games with Ashwini Ponnappa. She currently ranks 14th in the world. The sexy girl has charmed everyone with her looks, she has also done some movie acting.

  1. Gronya Somerville


Gronya is an Australian Badminton player.  She is 21 years old and 5ft 7in tall.  She hasn’t played that well in the internationals but her beauty has surely been loved by everyone. But her beauty was recognized in a Chinese tournament. Rumour has it she is a descendant of Qing Dynasty.

How about your favourite? Comment to let us know! 


Sportify Futsal Tournament 2017


Sportify Badminton Tournament 2017


Are you a sport player? Join our community!

We Malaysians love futsal and badminton. Whenever we visit a badminton or futsal court, very often we will notice it will be fully occupied with players, from all backgrounds, be it a college student or a young office worker or a senior citizen playing with his grandson. Sports connect us all, that’s also what we strongly believe.

One sunny afternoon in Sportify office, we came up with this idea – why don’t we create a game and open for everyone to join, regardless age, gender and nationality, to celebrate the true spirit of sports. And that was how our first open game came long, Sportify Kick-Off – an open futsal game with 7 competing teams. That was on a hot Sunday evening, but the atmosphere was even more burning inside Score Arena Futsal Centre where the teams played against each other for the cash prize of RM100.

14882173_418038651917797_6154557514964683426_oSportify Kick-Off Futsal Friendly Game, Oct 30


To our surprises, the joining teams are not just Malaysians, but the combination of all nationalities: Malaysian, Nigerian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian. We feel honor and proud to have accommodated such an interesting game and have made friends with futsal lovers in Kuala Lumpur.

And here’s our Sportify Smash-it Badminton Friendly Game at OUG Shuttlebug. You can tell how much fun we’ve had by just looking at the picture!

15235673_444676752587320_6862188163418530945_o-1Sportify Smash-it Badminton Friendly Game, Dec 2nd

We were thrilled to see 15 teams of double showing up at the event. From 16 years old highschool friends to university students to work colleagues, they have played with high team spirit and devotion but after all, it seems that we all united in a religion named Sport.

But more often than not, on a daily basis we are all caught up with work, events and family so sometimes it’s very hard to form a group to play together, haven’t mentioned about last minute cancellations. Understand this pain, we have built Game organizing function on Sportify App, which helps you to efficiently organizing your sports game by:

1. Creating a game and invite your friends to join

Phone Screen - Game Creation

Go to our Games session, tap on the + symbol on your upper right, fill in the information needed (Sport type, Date, Time..) and invite your friend via their phone number. Your friends will confirm their joining on their app and your game will be appear on the Created tab.

Then you don’t have to create a group chat and scroll through the lengthy messages and keep track of who’s in who’s out! (We know it’s tiring)

2. Book a court that can accommodate your game

Looking through our venue list, you’ll find the best court option you might have for your coming game! Call or book through the app, no more hassling around checking availability and rates!

Now that you’ve got your team and court booked, grab your kicks and go play!

Our weekly free game is now ON!

To ensure a rich and fun culture of the team, we organize weekly sport session every Thursday for all Sportify-ers to hang out and play sports as team bonding time. And to celebrate the app launch with the sport community, we now open the game to everyone to join us for free. So watch out for our Free Game every Thursday! Simply launch Sportify App, and confirm your participation to our game. Yes, that simple! Because playing sports should be simple, and fun!

To join the awesome squad, download Sportify on AppleStore:

Don’t worry, Android version coming soon this January! We’ll keep you posted!

Follow our Fan Page for more updates and free games:


Sportify Team.


SportifyApp’s official launch!

SportifyApp is officially here!

Sportify is a sports lover’s platform designed to takes the hassle out of booking a sport venue and let sport players managing their sports game by linking other players on the same platform.

Why us?

You can find and book courts in just a few taps.

We know finding a sport venue to accommodate your team could be a hassle making phone calls, checking prices and taking notes until you can finally book a court. Or do you remember the times you’re frantically scouring through Google for sport venues immediately due to inevitable circumstances happening to your prior booking?

We cover 9 states across the country with more than 40 sport venues partner that can accommodate you with Futsal, Badminton and Golf. We are proud to have the best coverage of sport venues in Malaysia.

All you need to do is: look through our venue list and pick a court with the schedule as you wish, confirm the price, make payment and… Voila, you’re done! SportifyApp is officially here!

Sportify is a sport lovers’ platform designed to takes the hassle out of booking a sport venue and let sport players managing their sports game by linking other sport players on the same platform.

You can now download Sportify from App Store and enjoy your RM25 off first booking!

Why us?

You can create a game and invite friends to join

Let’s face the fact that we are all fed up managing those Whatsapp group where it takes you hours to go through all the messages and note down who’s joining and who’s not, haven’t mentioned they suddenly bailed when the day comes!

Now you don’t need to skim through hundreds of messages anymore, simply create a game on Sportify and invite your friends! At the same time, you can open your game to other sport mates who are looking for a team to play, you know, just in case someone FFKs you last minute.

You can join an open game and find new sport kaki

Sometimes you’ll have those days where a member of your team backs out and you’re scrambling to find a last-minute replacement, looking through all your mobile contacts in hopes of finding that one person to fill up your team numbers in order to play.

You and your friend can join open game on Sportify and start making new sport mates from all ages and genders.

Our Mission:

With the burning desire to solve sport lovers’ pain points and “change the way we play sport forever”, we’re excited to see the future of playing and arranging sport activities expand in Malaysia with the introduction of our app.

Our journey:

Sportify was founded back in May 2016 by a team of sports enthusiasts.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.09.50 PM.png“From sport players, to sport players” – Sportify founding team.

We had observed and understood the tedious process a sportsperson goes through in order to find a sports activity. It is very common for sportsmen and women to seek a last minute replacement through their Facebook and WhatsApp contacts to make up the numbers. Not to mention those hours spent just calling a few sport venues and organise games headcount in WhatsApp group before they can successfully book one.

So we worked together and came up with Sportify, a single platform where players are able to connect with each other, create or join games and even make sport venue bookings with just a few taps on their mobile.

Currently, the team has grown to having 7 full-time members from 5 different nationalities. In just a span of 5 months, the startup has been able to sign an agreement with more than 40 sport courts throughout Malaysia and we are also in the midst of signing a NDA with one of the largest golf associations in our country.

Sportify was also selected to be featured at an exhibit at Tech in Asia Tokyo on 6 September and Web Summit Lisbon on 7 November, 2016.

More than just a sportapp, we also aim to contribute to sport lover community by sponsoring local games, organizing weekend friendly game to connect sport lovers and sharpen our skills together.


Sportify Kick-off Weekend Friendly Game at Score Arena Futsal Center

14225464_373543019700694_1819232672392305022_nSponsoring Taylor’s University Sport Event

13913812_340837509637912_3896850463104064460_oSharing session at New Era University College

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 4.05.34 PM.pngSportify Team at Launch Event – Nov 22nd.

We hope to get your feedback to improve your experience with us, contact us at [email protected]  for feedback/ general inquiries.

Also follow our Facebook fan page  and Twitter for updates on Promotion/ Free Friendly Games.

For sponsorship/ brand partnership: [email protected]

For business partners (if you are sport venues): [email protected]


Sportify Team.